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Sunday, January 8, 2017

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Migos - Bad and Boujee [320kps]

New song from the trio Migos called Bad and Boujee. This is an absolute fire track that was produced by young Metro Boomin. It's featuring Lil Uzi Vert who has been gaining a ton of traction lately, been seeing him in a lot of different features and I'm stoked about it. I think you guys will all love Bad and Boujee as well as many of the other tracks Migos have come out with lately. Get the Migos - Bad and Boujee download links below for Dopefile, Zippy, and the rest. Enjoy!

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Future - Thats a Check ft Rick Ross [320kps]

New fire from the boy Future called That's a Check featuring Rick Ross. This is as good as it gets, you got that man Future on a track with Rick Ross on the feature, that a dream come true if you ask me. This is a lit song with the type of beat we've come to love for Future. You guys will absolutely love this shit. We got the download link for Future - That's a Check from dopefile, zippy share and the rest below.

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Migos - T-Shirt [320kps]

New song from Migos called T-shirt. This song also came with a new lit music video that was actually pretty ridiculous. They are a bunch of mountain trappers and it's actually fairly clever. The song is sick like you'd expect from the Migos and you'll definitely be playing this on repeat for a while. We got the download links for Migos - T-Shirt below.

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Chris Brown - Dat Night [320kps]

New song by Chris Brown called Dat Night. This is a sick new song with some even sicker features on it. Young Thug and Trey Songz are both on this song and it combines super well with Chris Browns vocals. I think it's a lit song that bounces between the three talents perfectly. The beat is lit as well, and I think you guys will all in enjoy it. The download link for Chris Brown - Dat Night ft Young Thug and Trey Songz is below!

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Migos - Call Casting [320kps]

Migos have come out with a new song called Call Casting. This is a dope song that really plays off the trios talents really well. The beat is sick and something that compliments them all very well. Looking forward to a new album from Migos that you can really bump at the parties. Enjoy the free download link for Migos Call Casting below.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[ALBUM LEAK] Lil B - Black Ken [Download Album]

Lil B - Black Ken Dopefile

New mixtape from Lil B called Black Ken. This controversial artist has come out with a number of tracks that have got people talking. He's dedicated this album to a number of different people probably in the hopes that it stirs some drama. Lil B's lyrics and vocals are lit as usual and long time fans will definitely be excited about this release. Get the leaked download links below from dopefile, zippy, and the rest. Enjoy!

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Travis Scott - beibs in the trap ft. NAV [320kps]

New song by Travis Scott Featuring NAV called Beibs in the trap. This is a pretty minimalistic beat which is honestly the type of song that Travis Scott sounds sick on with his edited and changed voice effects. NAV provides a sick hook on this, Travis Scott fans will love this and likely find themselves downloading NAVs music next. Enjoy the dopefile, zippy and other site links below!

[SONG LEAK] Big Sean - Moves [DOWNLOAD]

Big Sean - Moves [DOWNLOAD]

New leaked song from Big Sean called Moves. This is off his upcoming album that he is calling a concept album. Whatever the hell that means. This is a sick songs, and I think fans of Big Sean will enjoy this one. His corny lyrics arent too rampant in Moves, so others may be able to enjoy it as well. We got the leaked download links from dopefile and zippyshare below. Enjoy!

[ALBUM DOWNLOAD] Roy Woods - Nocturnal [320kps]

Roy Woods - Nocturnal zip

New album from Roy Woods called Nocturnal. The kid is releasing this out of the OVO crew and its definitely working for him. This short EP is sick with 7 different songs that show huge potential for the young r and b artist. Involved, and Magic are definitely my favorite joints off the album. Be sure to get the Dopefile, and zippyshare links below. Enjoy the ZIP download!

[SONG DOWNLOAD] Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill ft. Kodak Black [320kps]

Sick new video from Rae Sremmurd featuring Kodak Black. Usual dark beat with the heavy bass that Rae Sremmurd usually kills it on. Stoked to see Kodak black on the feature, the young boy kills it as always. This is the type of joint you put on and blast in the car as you drive. You can get the dopefile, zippy download links below. Enjoy!

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